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The backbone to organic gardening is healthy soil. One way to improve your soil is to use compost from a backyard compost pile created from kitchen waste, garden waste such as leaves or grass cuttings, and perhaps some aged manure. Making compost is an investment in time, but the compost will help create soil that is thriving in in organic matter, beneficial microbes and nutrients. Another way to get healthy soil is by using Essential Plus 1-0-1, a 100% organic liquid soil conditioner that comes in an easy-to-use bottle. Essential quickly improves all types of soils, including sandy, silty, clay and saline soils, by:
  • Loosening even highly compacted soils, thanks to its high concentration of Yucca extract.
  • Increasing cation exchange capacity in sandy soils. This lets soils hold onto nutrients more closely and prevents nutrients from quickly leaching into the ground water.
  • Reducing harmful levels of salt in soil. Saline or sodic soils occur naturally in certain parts of the U.S., and can also be created when high salt fertilizers (such as many water-soluble products and most readily-available granular fertilizers) are used repeatedly.
In addition, Essential also:
  • Contains a natural rooting hormone that stimulates root growth.
  • Feeds plants with natural ingredients such as sugars, amino acids, vitamins, nitrogen and iron.
Use Essential Plus 1-0-1 to grow everything from vegetables to fruits, from flowers to herbs, and from shrubs to trees. It is good for you, good for your plants, and good for the environment. And talk about SIMPLE success -- Essential has three products in one, making it easy for you grow and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
** Certified organic by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) **
** Carries the USDA's prestigious BioBased Product Label **
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