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You've done all your homework, prepared your tools and growing supplies, and followed the directions on the seed packet. You know when the danger of frost has passed, if you need to start your seeds indoors, whether they can be transplanted, or whether they need to be sown directly outdoors. Most important, the seed packet has told you how deep to plant your seeds and how long it takes them to germinate. Once the seeds are settled in their new beds of soil how can Simple Success help you to make sure all that work pays off? By following our seed starting program!
A few simple steps can help ensure:
  1. Faster germination
  2. Higher germination rates (i.e., more seeds germinating)
  3. Faster root and plant growth
  4. Reduced transplant shock and increased survival
  5. Healthy plant growth for larger and more vigorous vegetables, herbs and flowers
5 Steps For Success
Step 1:
As soon as seeds are sown, thoroughly water with diluted Essential® Plus 1-0-1. Mix ½ capful (1 fl ounce) Essential Plus per gallon water.
Why? Essential softens the seed coating to make it easier for seeds to sprout. Essential also stimulates the growth of the first roots.
Step 2:
At first signs of germination, water with diluted Companion Biological Fungicide. Mix ½ capful (1 fl ounce) Companion Biological Fungicide per gallon water.
Why? Companion stops damping-off diseases.
Step 3:
Seven days after seeds germinate water with 8-32-5 Starter Plus Bloomtastic. Mix ½ capful (1 fl ounce) 8-32-5 Starter Plus Blomtastic per gallon water.
Why? 8-32-5 Starter Plus Bloomtastic contains 32% phosphorus -- the most critical nutrient at this stage of plant growth.
Step 4:
If you've started your seeds indoors and it’s time to transplant them out of doors, follow good transplanting practices. This includes loosening the soil in which you plant to plant the seedlings. After planting seedlings, mix ½ capful (1 fl ounce) Essential Plus per gallon of water. Thoroughly drench seedling with this Essential mixture. Check the plants daily for the first several weeks to be sure they are moist.
Step 5:
Once seedlings reach 2-3” in height, it’s time to start adding an all-purpose fertilizer that can carry them through the rest of their growth cycle. Mix ½ capful (1 fl ounce) 10-10-10 Triple Ten per gallon water.
Why? Triple Ten 10-10-10 contains an evenly balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This ratio makes it a good all-around fertilizer for all plant types.
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